Infectious Disease Kills One Onboard


Unknown Infectious, Viral Disease Kills One Onboard A Product Tanker 


A Seafarer has been reported to have died due an “unknown infectious viral disease” onboard a product tanker.  The product tanker Granato (7,071 dwt, built 2000), owned and managed by Italy’s Fin betta, has been quarantined at El Ferrol, La Coruña, Spain.


  • An Indian national, died from what is thought to be a cardiac seizure on August 2 while working as a chef onboard.
  • An autopsy determined the cause of death to be a contagious disease.
  • Tests are still ongoing to identify the specific conditions.
  • Fourteen crew are onboard the vessel, including Italian, Indian, Filipino and Romanian nationals.
  • The court in Vigo, Spain ordered the vessel to be put under quarantine for a couple of days till the remaining seafarers’ medical test results are completed.

The tanker radioed for medical assistance while on its course from Leixões, Portugal.  The ship has visited at least ten European ports before making its way to the Atlantic Forest chemical plant at El Ferrol, where it was to load methanol.