First Hydrogen-Powered Superyacht Launches With MAN Cryo Fuel System


  • The world of luxury yachting has taken a historic turn towards sustainability with the launch of Project 821, the first-ever hydrogen-powered superyacht.
  • This pioneering vessel relies on a revolutionary fuel system developed by MAN Cryo, a leader in cryogenic technology for gas storage and handling.

MAN Cryo’s innovative system stores liquid hydrogen in a specially designed 92 cubic meter tank, a first for its below-deck placement on a superyacht. This liquid hydrogen is then converted into gas and delivered to the yacht’s fuel cell, enabling clean, zero-emission propulsion.

“Project 821 showcases MAN Energy Solutions’ leadership in future-fuel systems for the maritime industry,” said Henrik Malm, Managing Director of MAN Energy Solutions Sweden. “MAN Cryo is setting new standards in sustainability and engineering with its system design.”

Hydrogen Tech: Silent Power, Zero Emissions

The benefits of hydrogen fuel cell technology are significant. Project 821 boasts silent operation for a week while anchored, eliminating noise pollution in harbors. Additionally, during departures, cruising in protected areas, or traveling at 10 knots, the yacht produces zero emissions, minimizing its environmental impact on the delicate marine ecosystem.

Overcoming Challenges: Safety First for Hydrogen Storage

Building a hydrogen-powered superyacht presented its own set of challenges. There were no existing regulations for designing and approving the specialized hydrogen storage tanks. To overcome this hurdle, MAN Cryo collaborated with Lloyd’s Register to develop a risk-based design that met stringent safety standards and gained approval for below-deck placement.

“This project reinforces MAN Cryo’s position as a leader in developing sustainable marine fuel systems,” said Sofia Liedholm, Project Manager at MAN Cryo. “The knowledge gained from Project 821 will be invaluable as we continue to create a more eco-friendly maritime industry.”

MAN Cryo: A History of Maritime Innovation

MAN Cryo has a long history of maritime innovation. They supplied the world’s first LNG fuel-gas system for a ferry in 1999 and the first LNG bunker vessel in 2013. The company is now actively exploring alternative fuels like methanol and ammonia for future maritime applications.

The launch of Project 821 marks a significant step towards a greener future for yachting and the maritime industry as a whole. With MAN Cryo’s pioneering fuel system technology, luxury yachting can now set sail on a clean and sustainable course.

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Source: MAN