North Star Takes Lead On Innovative New Offshore Wind Vessel Design


  • North Star, a company specializing in vessel operation for offshore wind support services, has secured a significant advantage in the industry.
  • The company has taken the lead on a new type of ship designed specifically for the offshore wind industry, known as the Midi-SOV.
  • This marks a collaboration between North Star, Chartwell Marine (a leading designer of next-generation vessels), and VARD (a renowned shipbuilder).

The Midi-SOV: A New Breed of Offshore Wind Vessel

The Midi-SOV is a 55-meter offshore wind vessel designed for use in the European, Asian, and US markets. The key feature of this design is that it bridges the gap between two existing vessel types: Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) and Service Operation Vessels (SOVs). Compared to full-size SOVs, the Midi-SOV offers improved comfort and workability for technicians at a lower cost.

The design of the Midi-SOV is optimized based on real-world data to specifically meet the needs of offshore wind developers and operators.

Advantages of the Midi-SOV

The Midi-SOV offers several advantages over existing solutions in the offshore wind industry. These include:

  • Increased project economics through better yield and scalability.
  • Improved access to wind farms year-round, even in bad weather conditions. The Midi-SOV can provide up to 13 additional hours of access per day compared to some CTVs during winter months.
  • Increased operational efficiency due to improved working environments for technicians, which can potentially lead to lower staff turnover.
  • Enhanced safety through reduced risks during transfers between the vessel and wind turbines, and during crane operations.

Positive Industry Response

The Midi-SOV design has received positive feedback from industry representatives. Over 50 industry professionals, including offshore wind developers, turbine manufacturers, and supply chain representatives, attended a recent event to discuss the design. The feedback highlights the industry’s need for new solutions that can improve efficiency, safety, and overall project costs.

Looking Ahead: Bringing the Midi-SOV to Market

North Star played a key role in initiating the Midi-SOV project and will be the first company to utilize these vessels in European operations. The company believes the Midi-SOV will play a significant role in European offshore wind development, particularly in the North Sea and Baltic regions. This collaboration between North Star, Chartwell Marine, and VARD is expected to bring the first Midi-SOVs to market soon.

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Source: Chartwell Marine