First Ship-To-Ship Radio Contact!


The Maritime Radio Club ‘Marine Funker Club Austria (MFCA)’ commemorates the first ship-to-ship radio contact made between two ships.

What happened?

On 21 December 1898, the maiden ship-to-ship radio contact was established between SMS Budapest and SMS Lussin with the callsign OE120MF between the 21st and 23rd December.

First ship-to-ship contact

The Monarch class coastal defense ship ‘SMS Budapest’ was built for the Austro-Hungarian Navy in the 1890s. The defense ship conducted the first wireless telegraphy trials in the Navy when she was briefly fitted with a Marconi radio in December 1898. The vessel initiated contact with ‘SMS Lussin’, a torpedo cruiser of the Austro-Hungarian Navy.


This initial wireless contact paved way for a revolution in the shipping industry where radios became an essential communication tool during the times of distress and were instrumental in saving precious lives.

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Source: Southgate ARC


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