[Watch] Oil Tanker Explodes in Hong Kong


On January 8, an oil tanker exploded after it caught fire in HongKong killing one while two were reported missing.

What happened?

Vietnam registered oil tanker ‘Aulac Fortune’ was enroute to Thailand when it caught fire while refueling at HongKong. The crew members onboard the tanker had been connecting hoses with an oil barge for a refuel when it caught fire and exploded thrice. There were 25 crew members onboard the vessel when the incident occurred.

Residents living on the island reportedly felt windows shake and heard loud booms when the tanker went up in flames.

Crew members rescued

The 23 crew members onboard the vessel were rescued safely off the coast of Lamma Island while one crew member passed away, two were reported missing and several members sustained injuries.

Investigation initiated

An investigation has been initiated to determine the exact cause of the explosion and subsequent salvage operations. The tanker was listing by about 30 degrees, but the authorities expressed that the tanker was at no risk of sinking and no oil spill was reported.

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Source: The New York Times


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