Fishing Boat Collided With Cement Carrier Off Taiwan



Accident: Collision
Vessel involved: Shih-Hui 31, a fishing boat and “Asia Cement No. 2”, a cargo ship
Date: 18th September  2015
Location: off the coast of the northern city of Taoyuan
Casualties: 4 dead and five missing

The 48-ton fishing boat collided with the 8,100-ton cargo ship, in the early hours of Friday.

Cargo ship “Asia Cement 2” was on its way towards Taichung after it had loaded cargo at the port of Hualien when the collision occurred, causing the fishing vessel with nine crew members to capsize.

4 out of the nine bodies were recovered while the search is on for five more missing bodies.  According to Taiwan’s Marine Port Bureau, the bodies recovered belonged to one 66-year old Taiwanese captain “ Chi Wan-te”, one Indonesian national, and two Chinese nationals.  U-Ming Marine Transport, which owns Asia Cement, had also dispatched its own rescuers to help with the rescue operations.

The port authorities in agreement with the shipowners, the Keelung city Government, Marine corp and coast guard, Shipowners Mutual Protection Association, Tahan Shipping and Keelung Area Fishermen’s Association had decided to have the capsized vessel tugged back to Taipei port for further investigation.

Source: China Post



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