Five Great International Ports


Some of the international ports are known for the sheer size of container yards and in terms of technology.  PTI has hand-picked the top 5 port images.

1.Port of Los Angeles

As the US’s top port it handles a significant number of containers annually.  The image above was taken using a drone camera and perfectly captures the enormity of the port environment.     

2. Busan Port

Busan New Port is South Korea’s largest port, handling more than 18 million TEU in 2014 and currently expanding which will be able to handle around 3.4 million TEU once completed.

3. Prince Rupert Port

Prince Rupert Port  is situated in British Colombia, North America.

Its economic impact is worth US$1.2 billion and although it is not the biggest port in the world, it does show how a port can blend into its natural environment.     

4. Port of Singapore

Port of Singapore is the second largest port globally, as well as the largest transhipment hub in the world.  It handled more than 33 million TEU in 2014 and has a total of 57 container berths.

5. Port of Shanghai

Port of Shanghai is handling more than a 1.5 million TEU increase since 2013.  Shanghai International Port group is currently eyeing investment opportunities at a number of European ports.

Source: Port Technology