Picture Perfect – Top 5


PTI along with a Photographer with Maritime Photographic, Gary Davies, has found some of the best images of container ship in 2015.

Here are the top 5 shipping Images:

1. MSC Istanbul:

The 16,864 TEU vessel has a beautiful night shot featuring the amazing work and position of flood light over the container at the port.

2. CMA CGM Vasco de Gama:

The image above shows the CMA CGM Vasco de Gama making its maiden call to the Port of Southampton.  It’s a unique photograph as it shows the beach in the foreground, with the sunlight beaming onto the ship’s side.  Gary Davies said: “The beach in the foreground shows her entering Southampton water shortly after negotiating the tricky 90 degree turn from the Solent (close to where Hoegh Osaka and QE2 famously ran aground).”

3. MOL Beauty

The image was shot in the evening, which perfectly captures the glow of the sunset against the blue of the MOL containership.  The timing provides the picture a moody and emotive feel.

Gary Davies said: “The sunset shots are of MOL Beauty, which was also making her maiden call on her first rotation after construction.  I make an effort to get all the new buildings calling for the first time.”

4. MSC Oscar

This is an exceptional photo due to its long-ranged shot and because of the way the ship sweeps against the ocean’s surface.  The MSC Oscar is the world’s largest containership at 19,224 TEU capacity alongside its brother and sister ships Zoe, Oliver and Maya.

5. Mathilde Maersk

Entitled the Mathilde Maersk, the photo was taken while the vessel was making its maiden call to the UK.  According to Mr Davies, it is the first Triple E to call at Southampton.  The image above is so crystal clear that it’s almost as if you’re standing in front of the ship.

Source: Port Technology