FME MarTrans: Leading The Green Revolution In Maritime Industry


VARD, in collaboration with 12 research institutes and approximately 50 industrial partners, has secured funding from the Research Council of Norway to establish FME MarTrans, a research centre dedicated to advancing renewable energy in the maritime sector. With a grant of 300 million NOK over eight years, FME MarTrans aims to accelerate the green transition, reduce energy consumption, and replace fossil fuels with renewable alternatives in maritime shipping.

Collaborative Effort for Innovation

FME MarTrans brings together 65 partners from the maritime industry and research communities, focusing on research, innovation, and education. This extensive collaboration seeks to foster groundbreaking advancements that will not only promote environmental sustainability but also enhance value creation and exports for the Norwegian maritime industry.

VARD’s Contribution

VARD plays a crucial role in FME MarTrans by providing financial support and resources for various projects. Their involvement underscores the importance of industry participation in driving the green transition and highlights VARD’s commitment to sustainable practices in maritime operations.

Birth Unit for New Projects

The research centre functions as an incubator for new collaborative projects among its partners. By facilitating the development of innovative solutions and fostering strong partnerships, FME MarTrans aims to create a robust ecosystem that supports the rapid advancement of renewable energy technologies in the maritime sector.

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Source: VARD