Funding For Feasibility Studies on Smart Shipping Technologies


Innovate UK, in partnership with the Department for Transport (DfT), has announced a funding opportunity for innovative projects aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from shipping and ports. The initiative, with a total budget of up to £8 million, will support feasibility studies for smart shipping technologies that aim to reduce emissions and improve air quality. The grant competition encourages proposals focusing on the development and demonstration of on-vessel and infrastructure technologies.

Aim and Scope of the Competition

The primary goal of this funding competition is to identify and support projects that can effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the maritime sector. Projects must focus on feasibility studies that explore the technical and economic viability of smart shipping technologies. These studies could involve various aspects of shipping, including on-vessel technologies, port infrastructure, or a combination of both. The competition emphasizes scalable solutions that have the potential to make a significant impact on emissions reduction and air quality.

Funding Details and Requirements

The total costs for eligible projects must fall between £75,000 and £750,000. Innovate UK has set a funding limit, and not all proposals may receive support, even if they score highly during the evaluation process. This makes the competition highly competitive, and applicants must carefully align their proposals with the competition’s goals and scope.

It is essential to submit applications by 11 am UK time on the deadline stated in the Innovate UK competition brief. Innovate UK advises applicants to refer to its official competition page for the most accurate information, as other sources may not always provide the correct details.

Accessibility and Inclusion in the Application Process

Innovate UK is committed to ensuring accessibility and inclusion in its application process. The organization encourages applications from people of all backgrounds and is dedicated to making reasonable adjustments for those with disabilities or long-term conditions. Applicants requiring special assistance are encouraged to contact Innovate UK well in advance, preferably at least 15 working days before the competition’s closing date, to ensure appropriate support is provided.

Support for applicants includes both email and phone assistance. Innovate UK’s customer service lines operate from 9 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm UK time, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. By contacting Innovate UK early, applicants can ensure that they receive the guidance they need to successfully submit their proposals.

Overall, this funding competition represents a significant opportunity for innovators in the shipping and ports industry to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting a cleaner environment. The competitive nature of the funding, along with the emphasis on accessibility and inclusion, underlines Innovate UK’s commitment to fostering a diverse and innovative approach to addressing environmental challenges.

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Source: GOV.UK