IMO Secretary General Reiterates The Call For Wellbeing Of Seafarers


IMO secretary-general Arsenio Dominguez called for the release of the crews of some ships in his opening remarks to the IMO Legal Committee meeting.

Distressing Events 

Dominguez said there was a particularly worrying geopolitical context in which recent distressing events have taken place, and that the safety and wellbeing of seafarers must remain of utmost importance.

He reiterated his call for the immediate release of the crew a car carrier seized by Houthis in November 2023. Noting the recent letter from the shipping industry to the UN secretary general, Dominguez added his voice to those appealing for the release of the container ship and its crew after the ship was seized by Iranian authorities earlier in April.

Search For Solutions 

Dominguez said he constantly searched for solutions and continued conversations with the UN and other stakeholders.

“The plight of the seafarers affected by these incidents must not be forgotten and it is incumbent upon us to pursue every avenue to secure their safe return to their loved ones and their livelihoods…”

“International shipping must not be targeted and used as a means of exerting pressure in geopolitical crises. And I call on you here to continue your efforts to return to normalcy and for ships and seafarers to continue doing their work without threats and interruptions,” said Dominguez.

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Source: SeatradeMaritime