What Does The Future Hold For Youngsters With Regard To Merchant Navy Career.


UK has launched its Seafarers Awareness Week 2016 aims to raise the profile of seafaring and maritime jobs at sea and ashore.


Event : Seafarers’ Awareness Week 2016
Date : June 20 to 26, 2016
Latest Update : Theme Launch
Launch Place : Trinity House at London
Theme : Maritime Jobs For Future Generations

This event is organised to portray the importance of the whole sector working together and to showcase the maritime world.  Commodore Barry Bryant CVO RN, Director General of Seafarers UK said,  ‘Many of you will be all too aware of the phrase ‘sea blindness’ and the tendency of the Great British public to be blissfully unaware of the fact that we remain an island nation, or that 95% of our trade comes by sea. Our 2016 campaign will be focused on young people and making them aware of the career opportunities available in seagoing and the maritime industries more generally.’

The campaign aims to work with young people and promote maritime career message.  UK’s maritime sector is devoted to developing a suite of interlocking standards and qualifications which enable employees to progress both within their specialism and between sectors.  Commodore Bill Walworth CBE RFA, Chairman of the Maritime Skills Alliance said “The amount of seaborne trade is set to double by 2030. 113,000 UK people are directly employed in the sector and this grows to 240,000 if you add ports, shipping and business services”.

Seafarers Awareness Week will be a pan-sector campaign, promoting the Royal Navy and the commercial fishing industry, as well as all branches of the Merchant Navy, including passenger vessels, plus work boats and superyachts

Source: Seafarers UK


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