GAC EnvironHull’s HullWiper approved by Danish Ports



In a pioneering, environmentally friendly technology, GAC EnvironHull’s new “diver free” underwater hull cleaning system gets the approval from the port authorities of Copenhagen, Kalundbord and Fredericia.

The HullWiper does not use brushes or abrasives, instead it uses adjustable pressure sea water jets for cleaning.  This technique causes minimal damage to the antifouling surface.  The traditional, manned hull cleaning techniques remove the residual and harmful marine growths and dump it back into sea, whereas this new system ensures that all wastes are disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner.  The added advantage of the HullWiper is that it can perform cleaning functions 24×7.  It can function during port calls while loading and unloading functions are on.  It can work even in darkness as well as in very low temperatures.  It is designed to clean ship hulls without the use of chemicals and can work in deep-waters too.

Worldover, HullWiper has been receiving widespread acknowledgement for its usefulness and the latest acceptance by the Danish ports adds positively to its credit and resourcefulness.

The Managing Director of GAC EnvironHull, Simon Doran said “At a time when Scandinavian governments are focused on building upon their strong and stringent environmental credentials, these approvals are testament to the faith that the authorities place on this pioneering technology to help further this.”