Immigrant Dies Trying to Board Channel Tunnel Train Bound For UK


A migrant lost his life while jumping onto a freight train that was heading for Britain, Eurotunnel has confirmed.


A migrant had died while making efforts to climb onto the train heading to the UK.  He was part of group of 150 migrants who attempted to storm the freight trains at Channel Tunnel terminal in Calais, France. The Channel Tunnel operator had stopped the shuttle following the incident at about 05:00 BST.  This incident has led to further delays and cancellation bringing chaos among commuters of cross-Channel services.  But the Eurotunnel has confirmed that passenger services have been brought to normalcy following earlier delays.  It was operating a normal timetable in both directions, with five departures per hour for freight traffic.

According to estimates, about 3000 people, mainly Eritreans, Ethiopians, Sudaneses, and Afghans, are in Calais and its surrounding areas, having crossed the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy and finding ways to reach UK through illegal migration.  These migrants stay in flimsy tents for shelter and live in appalling conditions.  These migrants are so desperate to find a way out of their filthy camp that they risk their lives and try to get into the British territory.  Once they reach UK, either they claim for asylum or they slip into the black economy making them vulnerable to exploiters who slog them as modern-day slaves.  The Freight Transport Association has requested both the British and French governments to intervene in the matter and asked the Prime Minister, David Cameron to take an urgent action for tackling chaos.

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