General Cargo Ship Sank in Indonesian Waters Update


On December 8, a general cargo vessel reportedly sank in Indonesian waters and the vessel was loaded with cargo when the incident occurred.

What happened?

The cargo vessel ‘Keneukai’ reportedly sank in the Bandjarmasin anchorage, Barito river, southern Kalimantan, Indonesia. The vessel was loaded with 52,000 sacks of cement when the incident occurred.

The stern of the vessel was reported to be resting at the bottom of the vessel, while its fore part was still afloat and its hull was moved around by strong currents.

Salvage plans:

Plans to salvage the vessel were hampered by a wreck present the ship’s stern which is currently sunken. The vessel is also said to be suffering from flooding in the engine room due to water ingress.

Investigation launched:

An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of sinking. No one was injured during the incident but it was unfortunate to note that the stricken vessel has been leaking oil and the authorities are trying to contain the spill.

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Source: Fleetmon


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