German Ports To Launch Secure Digital Import Solution


German ports are introducing a new digital import solution called “Secure Release Order” to enhance security and combat criminal activities in container pick-ups. The system, initiated by DAKOSY and dbh, will replace the PIN code-based process with a digitally encrypted authorization transfer along the transport chain, improving transparency and security.

German seaports are set to implement a standardized digital release process for imported containers known as the “Secure Release Order,” aiming to enhance security and combat criminal activities. This initiative, spearheaded by logistics software service providers DAKOSY and dbh, is slated for introduction in the second half of the year.

Digitalization for Enhanced Security

The core of the Secure Release Order is the digitalization of the entire container release process, ensuring transparency and accountability from the container’s arrival at the seaport to its collection by the transport company. This digital process replaces the previous PIN code-based procedure and offers heightened security measures against organized crime and drug smuggling.

Implementation and Rollout

The new process involves all stakeholders in the transport chain, including carriers, terminals, freight forwarders, and transport companies. Communication is encrypted and facilitated through the German Ports IT platform, jointly operated by DAKOSY and dbh. The phased rollout is scheduled to commence in the latter half of 2024.

Integrated System Features

German Ports IT platform integrates various functionalities, including slot booking for trucks and driver registration at terminals. This integration ensures a seamless digital connection between authorization for pick-up, transport pre-announcement, and truck driver details, enhancing efficiency and security in import clearances.

Benefits of the Secure Digital Process

  • The implementation of the Secure Release Order offers several benefits, as highlighted by the Port of Hamburg:
    Authentication and secure transfer of release rights along the transport chain.
  • Documentation of the timeline history of release rights within the German Ports platform.
  • Protection against unauthorized data access and manipulation through encrypted safeguarding of information.

The adoption of the Secure Release Order represents a significant step towards enhancing security and efficiency in import clearances at German seaports. By leveraging digitalization and encryption technologies, the initiative aims to create a secure and transparent environment for container pick-ups, ultimately safeguarding the integrity of maritime logistics operations.

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Source: Port Technology