Van Oord’s Sustainable Fleet Expansion In Rotterdam


  • Van Oord celebrates the christening of two advanced hybrid water injection dredgers, Rijn and Rhône, alongside an innovative unmanned survey vessel, VO:X Barentsz, at its Rotterdam headquarters.
  • These vessels mark a significant step forward in sustainable maritime solutions and technological advancements in the industry.

Van Oord commemorates the christening ceremonies of two new hybrid water injection dredgers, Rijn and Rhône, and an unmanned survey vessel, VO:X Barentsz, at its headquarters in Rotterdam. The event highlights the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in maritime operations.

Sustainable Dredging Solutions

Rijn and Rhône, sister vessels to the previously commissioned Maas and Mersey, are hailed as among the most sustainable water injection dredgers to date. Equipped with Ultra Low Emission Vessel (ULEV) notation, these dredgers feature advanced hybrid energy management systems, heat recovery mechanisms, and exhaust gas aftertreatment devices. These technologies significantly reduce energy consumption and emissions, setting new standards for environmentally friendly dredging operations.

Advanced Features and Technologies

In addition to their eco-friendly design, Rijn and Rhône boast innovative features such as active heave compensation and dynamic positioning systems. These advancements streamline dredging processes, enhance operational efficiency, and contribute to safer and more sustainable maritime practices.

Evolution of Unmanned Survey Vessels

VO:X Barentsz, Van Oord’s fifth unmanned autonomous survey vessel (USV), represents the latest evolution in unmanned maritime technology. Named after Ms. Lucienne van Leeuwen-Koper, the wife of Van Oord’s Director Survey, this vessel builds upon the success of previous USVs. Developed in collaboration with DEMCON Unmanned Systems, VO:X Barentsz offers enhanced capabilities and expanded functionality for offshore survey operations.

Advantages of Unmanned Survey Vessels

The deployment of unmanned survey vessels like VO:X Barentsz enables Van Oord to collect precise measurement data for its clients at lower costs. By eliminating the need for onboard operators and surveyors, these vessels enhance operational efficiency, increase safety, and contribute to a more sustainable maritime industry.

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Source: Port News