Green light For OSM Maritime And Thome Merger

Credits: Tom Fisk/ Pexels

Competition authorities have now approved the merger of OSM Maritime Group and Thome Group. The merged company, OSM Thome, will be a powerhouse in the international ship management market, represented in 22 countries and headquartered in Arendal, Norway, reports Ship Management.

A big day for OSM Thome

Several of the world’s leading shipping companies are customers of OSM Thome, and the fleet includes various segments such as tanker, bulk, container, car carriers and offshore vessels. The company handles ship management for nearly 450 ships and is responsible for crewing on about 550 additional ships.

The integration process has been thoroughly planned and now, as the merger finally is approved, the work of joining the two organisations can begin. Through this process, the daily run of the ships and attention to our customers remain the top priority.

The new company will build on the best from OSM Maritime and from Thome continuing strong, skilled professional environments. The starting point of this merger has been unique as the two companies already had so much in common such as Norwegian ownership, business philosophy, values and view of the future.

The integration process will be done in a fast and proper manner and in good dialogue with employees at the various offices. ‘It’s all about people’ has been OSM’s mark for many years and remains a core credo for the merged company.

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Source: Ship Management