Stolt Tankers, Ulsan Port Authority Complete Bunker Spill Response Exercise

Credit: Venti Views/Unsplash

Stolt Tankers on Friday (19 May) said it successfully completed an emergency incident drill with the Ulsan Port Authority (UPA) in South Korea last week including a bunker spill exercise, reports Manifold Times.

About the drill 

During any incident, the ship’s crew is always the first line of defence, until the authorities are informed, and this exercise was in preparation for that.

The drill included an emergency scenario in which the Stolt Concept simulated a spill from a bunker tank which was punctured while berthing and a burst hydraulic line which caused a fire onboard. After a first attempt by two teams onboard to extinguish the fire, the crew assessed that they needed assistance and the Ulsan firefighters took over from both shore and sea.

The Coast Guard, medical teams, police, offshore and shore-based firefighters, rescue services and pollution response ships also joined the exercise.

Along with the firefighting drill and potential pollution emergency response exercise, several dummies were thrown overboard to represent people in distress in the water. Their simulated rescue involved releasing life rafts and life buoys from the ship, and rigging emergency embarkation ladders to get the ‘casualties’ back onboard.

All ships in the Stolt Tankers fleet regularly perform safety drills onboard, so the crew of the Stolt Concept was well prepared for this challenge, the firm said.

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Source: Manifold Times