Grounded Bulk Carrier Causes Environmental Damage


A grounded bulk carrier has become a major of environmental damage after it caused an oil spill at its grounding site.

What happened?

The grounded bulk carrier ‘Serenity 1’ has been a source of environmental damage after it started leaking oil at its grounding site.

The concerned residents of the Maniwiriwiri community in central Makira are worried over the environmental damage caused in Makira upon the Solomon Islands and were calling on the Ministry of Environment to assess the environmental impact of the log ship that wrecked at the Waimahui log pond.

Damage to coconut plantations:

The grounded bulk carrier is reportedly diverting the waves and ultimately damaging the coconut plantations nearby. The oil leaking from the grounded vessel from the past three weeks has been polluting the sea.

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Source: SIBC


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