GTT Lands New LNG Carrier Tank Design Contract With China Merchants Heavy Industry-Jiangsu


  • GTT, a frontrunner in cryogenic membrane containment system technology for liquefied gas transportation and storage, has secured a new contract.
  • The agreement involves designing the tanks for a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier, commissioned by GTT’s partner, the Chinese shipyard China Merchants Heavy Industry-Jiangsu.
  • The vessel is being built for Danish ship-owner Celsius and will have a significant cargo capacity of 180,000 cubic meters.

GTT will equip the LNG carrier with its well-established Mark III Flex membrane containment system. This technology is renowned for its efficiency and safety record in the LNG transportation sector. The delivery of the completed vessel is anticipated for the third quarter of 2027.

GTT: A Leader in Sustainable Maritime Solutions

GTT boasts a rich history of over 60 years, establishing itself as a prominent player in the maritime industry. Their expertise lies in designing and developing cutting-edge technologies used in LNG carriers, floating terminals, onshore storage tanks, and multi-gas carriers.

Beyond Traditional LNG: A Commitment to Sustainability

Looking towards the future, GTT is actively engaged in fostering a sustainable maritime sector. They are developing innovative solutions to support the industry’s transition to a decarbonized future. These solutions include:

  • Systems facilitating the use of LNG as fuel for commercial vessels.
  • Advanced digital solutions that optimize the economic and environmental performance of vessels.
  • Groundbreaking research and development in zero-carbon solutions for the maritime industry.

Furthermore, GTT’s subsidiary, Elogen, underscores their commitment to sustainability by designing and manufacturing proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysers for the burgeoning green hydrogen sector.

GTT’s stock is actively traded on Euronext Paris (Euronext Paris: GTT) and is included in several key market indices.This new contract reinforces GTT’s position as a leader in LNG containment technology and highlights their dedication to shaping a more sustainable future for the maritime industry.

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Source: GTT