Singapore Port Faces 90% Vessel Delays Due To Red Sea Diversions


Almost 90% of container ships arrive in Singapore off-schedule, a significant increase from 77% in 2023, according to Transport Minister Chee Hong Tat.

Red Sea crisis 

The ongoing Red Sea crisis is to blame for the delays, forcing ships to take the longer routes between Europe and Asia around the Cape of Good Hope.

Chee Hong Tat revealed these details in a written response to Parliament on July 2, 2024, emphasising the widespread impact of the crisis on global shipping schedules.

The increased volume of container vessels has extended their stay in the port, increasing the wait time of incoming ships and causing congestion at container berths.

Several ships arrive within a short period of time, causing a bunching effect that exacerbates congestion.

Despite these challenges, Singapore’s container throughput increased by 7.7 per cent from January to May.

The expansion demonstrates the port’s resilience and importance in global trade.

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Source: Marine Insight