Guilt and Shames of the day



Bieber Guilty Of Assault And Careless Driving

 The 21-year-old pop star was ordered to pay a $750 (£390) fine for the careless driving charge in connection with a collision with paparazzi near his hometown in Canada.


Excess Lead Found, Food Inspectors Order Recall of Maggi Noodles – Shame on Maggi

(FSDA) Lucknow had collected a few samples of Maggi noodles and sent them to Kolkata for testing. The report found traces of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and lead content to be beyond permissible limits.



Google  apologized after photos of India’s Prime Minister began appearing in image search results for “top 10 criminals”


 Ted Cruz Sorry For Biden Joke

 Ted Cruz says his cutting remark about Vice-President Joe Biden,

just days after  Mr. Biden’s son died from cancer, was a “mistake”.