Smooth Sailing: Container Shipping’s Eco-Friendly Evolution


Efforts to reduce fuel consumption and emissions are paramount in the container shipping sector, with stringent industry regulations like CII, and EEXI, and carbon pricing initiatives like the EU ETS pushing companies to enhance operational efficiencies. WAN HAI, a prominent player in container shipping, has prioritized these objectives and forged a strategic partnership with Nippon Paint Marine to address these challenges.

Hydrogel Technology for Fuel Efficiency

WAN HAI’s collaboration with Nippon Paint Marine spans seven years, focusing initially on applying the high-end antifouling coating A-LF-Sea to a portion of its fleet. This coating, utilizing Nippon Paint Marine’s patented Hydrogel water-trapping technology, demonstrated significant fuel and emissions reduction of up to 8% compared to conventional coatings. By creating a smoother hull and reducing hydrodynamic drag, A-LF-Sea optimizes vessel performance, lowering fuel consumption, operational costs, and emissions

Advancing Efficiency with Next-Generation Coatings

Building on the success of A-LF-Sea, WAN HAI adopted Nippon Paint Marine’s latest innovation, FASTAR, in 2021. FASTAR, the company’s 4th generation antifouling system, incorporates self-polishing and self-smoothing capabilities alongside Hydrogel technology. Through precise and predictable antifouling performance, FASTAR further enhances fuel efficiency, contributing to WAN HAI’s pursuit of CII ratings and compliance with emissions regulations. Performance analysis on vessels currently undergoing FASTAR application aims to identify additional opportunities for fuel and emissions savings. Moreover, WAN HAI explores the potential adoption of AQUATERRAS, Nippon Paint Marine’s biocide-free and self-polishing underwater foul-resistant paint, which promises up to 10% reduction in fuel consumption, aligning with the company’s commitment to sustainability and operational excellence.

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Source: Future Fuels