Heavy Lift: Massive Gas Turbine Shipped To Turkey



At Bremerhaven, a special loading operation took place comprising of Rickmers-Linie’s MV Rickmers Hamburg, Siemens gas turbine, generator and German Project freight forwarder, Bertling.

The operation involved the transport of largest gas turbine manufactured by Siemens in addition to the marking of the first call of this class of Rickmers-Line ship, the multipurpose heavy lift vessel at Bremerhaven, the place where the Rickmers group came into existence.

The Siemens gas turbine, which has got sufficient generation, was loaded from a barge on to Rickmers Hamburg followed by the generator and accessories.  These parts belong to gas power plant project, in Hamitabat adjacent to Luleburgaz in the NW of Turkey, which is expected to be completed by next summer 2017.

The load which is the first of four shipments will be discharged at Tekirdag, SW of Istanbul.  Rickmers-Linie’s specialised vessels will make 3 calls for cargo loadings at Bremerhaven in this project.

The agents of Rickmers-Linie in Turkey, Navitrans was successful in obtaining this project in negotiations with Bertling Logistics in Istanbul, the nominated freight forwarder, which is coordinating logistics for this project.  The office of Bertling Logistics in Hamburg extended their support to Turkish counterparts for all the operations.

In terms of loading operation, due to the weight of cargo, historic background of the location, this was not like any other port call.  None of the loading operation is like any other and it is not a routine.  Thorough preparation, the value of the cargo, size and weight were the key elements for smooth and safe operation.

Rickmers established the shipyard in Bremerhaven city and the Rickmers-Linie, a specialised liner operator for the world wide carriage of break bulk, heavy lift and project cargoes were continued by the Rickmers tradition, which is one of the companies of Rickmers Group.

Source: Rickmers Linie


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