NYK Completes Winter Safety Campaign



The NYK Group declared that its Sail on Safety Winter Campaign had been completed successfully for the period from 1st Dec 2015 to 31St Jan 2016.

“Think, Act, and be Safe” is the theme adopted by NYK group, to campaign annually to prevent accidents, which are more frequent in the stormy seas during winter season.

This year’s campaign was organised by 410 NYK group executives and employees and they have completed visit of 242 vessels to exchange opinions with on-board crews about the prevention of accidents, collisions and engine trouble in stormy seas.  Due to this campaign, the visitors were in a position to come to know of the condition of each vessel and realized the importance of smooth communication and mutual understanding between on-board crew and off shore staff with regard to safety in ship operations.

This was the 12th year campaign and so far, a total of 3,877NYK group members have completed visits to 2,416 vessels.  This campaign will be in continuance by NYK group to toughen its safety activities through collaboration between on-board crew and offshore staff to ensure that “safety” which is the group’s important mission is maintained and NYK remains a trusted and reliable for the customers.

Source & Image credit: NYK


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