Hefring Marine And Loodswezen Collaborate To Deploy IMAS


Hefring Marine and Loodswezen, the Dutch Pilots’ Corporation, have joined forces to enhance the safety and efficiency of Dutch waters. This collaboration introduces the Intelligent Marine Assistance System (IMAS) to Loodswezen’s latest pilot tenders, aiming to revolutionize navigation and operational processes.

Revolutionizing Dutch Pilotage with IMAS

  1. Enhanced Safety and Efficiency: Loodswezen’s pilots play a crucial role in guiding vessels through intricate waterways. IMAS offers real-time guidance and decision support, empowering captains to navigate safely and efficiently, thereby minimizing risks and optimizing operations.
  2. Cutting-Edge Technology for Maritime Excellence: Powered by artificial intelligence, IMAS provides insights into ship movements, wave impact, and fuel-saving recommendations. This technology not only enhances safety and comfort but also reduces CO2 emissions, aligning with the industry’s sustainability goals. Moreover, IMAS facilitates efficient fleet management and data-driven decision-making, elevating operational excellence in Dutch pilotage.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in maritime innovation, where cutting-edge technology meets the expertise of seasoned professionals to ensure safer, greener, and more efficient navigation in Dutch waters.

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Source: ON&T