Hempaguard Coating- Successful Over 350 Vessels



Following IMOs stringent rules and regulations for Mandatory Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans ( SEEMP), Hempel introduced Hempaguard, an antifouling agent for vessel coating.  The product that underwent a 5-year research and development stage was introduced in 2013.  So robust was their technology, that the company went on to win the Environmental Technology award for their significant contribution towards reducing environmental pollution caused by ships.

Hempaguard is known to contain an ActiGuard technology that combines silicone-hydrogel and full diffusion control of biocides in a single coat of application.

In the two years of their launch, Hempaguard has been well received by the shipping industry.  So much so that, Hempaguard has now been applied as a full vessel coating in more than 350 ships.  Customer feedbacks state longer duration of antifouling effect and significantly more cleaner.  Hempel now offers first performance satisfaction guarantee to all its patrons.

Marketing Manager, Fouling control at Hempel Mr. Claes Skat-Roerdam has quoted that “We are delighted with the success of Hempaguard, it really is a strong endorsement of the protection properties of our product.  The combination of silicone-hydrogel and biocide science has revolutionized antifouling technology to deliver excellent fouling resistance – including up to 120 days during idle periods – plus fuel savings of between four and six percent on average.  The fact that more than 350 vessels have now been coated with Hempaguard proves the value of our new coating”.

Source: Hempel