How About Addressing Oneself in Third Person?



Some persons have the penchant for addressing themselves in third person.  One such is the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who is very prolific in his use of the third person.  

Psychotherapist Kim Schneiderman says thinking about yourself in the third person has been shown to be healthy.  Many successful people do it naturally.  But, when thinking goes beyond to talking about yourself in the third person is not considered normal.  People differentiate their character from themselves.  It may also mean that they are actually speaking about their personas or characters.  The use of the third person creates a distance.  Americans want their presidents to be normal people but not too regular.  Presidents are put on a pedestal but want them to be humble about it since  people chose them to the post.  It’s an odd contradiction at times, according to a Political Communication expert.  It can’t be all that distancing though.  Trump and Sanders, the other contender, are still leading in the polls.

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