‘Heroic Rescue’ Act Of Trapped Driver Recognised



Woodlawn resident Peter Winkler received the Fire Chief’s Civilian Award for Bravery at the District 6 firefighters’ annual awards banquet Dec. 5 for the 2013 rescue from a possible death of a trapped female driver just before her vehicle fully caught fire.

Winkler was invited to the awards ceremony last year.  But had to postpone his acceptance due to his grandson’s birth.

Walker said, “ It was really quite an honour to sit at the dignitaries table.  They left mine to the very last; it seemed like a really special event.”

This award was for a heroic rescue of a stranded passenger in a car and pulling her through the sunroof just prior to the car going up in flames.  Winkler said he did what anyone else in his place would have done.  He just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

The first police cruiser arrived seven minutes after the 911 call and by then the SUV was fully engulfed. The tire exploded as Winkler spoke with the responding officer.

Winkler also received a Certificate of Valour from the police, while the city presented him with a Community Police Award last year.

Winkler said, “I feel very honoured by all these accolades.”

Source: OttawaCommunityNews