How to Fight Air Pollution with Cannons?


Now China can show you how to fight Air Pollution with mist cannons.

Globally air pollution, specifically by CO2 emissions, pose a major threat.  China uses a rather unconventional method of dispersing the smog: huge mist cannons to control pollution.

 How does it work?

The cannon works by nebulising liquid into tiny particles that are then sprayed into the air.  On contact with harmful specks of dust, the liquid particles form water droplets that then fall to the ground like rain.  This machine can produce particles as small as 10 microns in size.

Types of cannons:

There are two types of cannons.

  1. A cannon that can sit on the back of a truck and function while you drive around.
  2. A stationary cannon.

How are these cannons special?

  • The cannons are able to shoot spray across an area 100 metres wide and 60 metres high.
  • They have an added mobility by which the cannons can be moved even to the most troublesome spots of a city.

As promised by the government earlier some local councils have already started using the cannons to fight pollution. The air pollution levels in China has exponentially increased and so are the sales of these cannons.

With the second ever “red alert” warning, the government warns the residents on the ill-effects of such heavy air pollution.

Source: Science Alert