High Catfines in fuels from Manzanillo, Mexico


High Catfines

We have identified very high catfines (102 ppm, 103 ppm, and 105ppm) in 3 samples bunkered in the port of Manzanillo, Mexico.  These levels of catfines can cause very serious damage to the machinery.

The fuels are out of spec when compared to the ISO 8217:2005 or ISO 8217:2010/2012 standards.

Even with purifier efficiency of 80%, the catfine value will be higher than the 15 ppm limit recommended by engine manufacturers.  Please take note when you are ordering fuels in Manzanillo.  You should insist on getting catfine values before you order the fuel.

It is essential to keep the catfines well below engine makers’ recommended limit of 15 ppm.

Source: Viswa Lab.

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