High Speed Ferry Collision Injures 100



Accident: Collision
Date: 25th October 2015
Vessel involved: Ferry
Location: Off Siu A Chau, near the larger island of Lantau
Casualties: More than 100 injured
En route: Macau to Hong Kong

The ferry, carrying 163 passengers and 11 crew members, was returning from Macau to Hong Kong.  Suddenly, it collided with an unknown object. It lost its propulsion and started to take in water.  More than 100 passengers were injured in this accident.

Around 6.00 p.m (local time), the authorities received a warning call regarding the incident.  They rushed to the spot and were involved in a large rescue operation along with air services and fire department.  The boat was towed to Hong Kong.

The ferry lost power when it collided with an unknown object.  The reports say that the passengers described chaotic scenes and injured people stumbled in the dark.

Six people suffered serious injuries.  All the injured passengers are being treated in five different hospitals while the nature and extent of injuries are unknown.

The ferry is operated by Shun Tak China Travel Ship Management Limited.

Source: Reuters