High-Water Threat Halts Houston Ship Channel and Causes Bunker Delays


A high-water threat arises when powerful water currents enter the channel, causing high currents at critical turning points in Houston.

Although restrictions on vessel and barge movements were lifted yesterday evening, smaller boat movements are still restricted.

At the Enterprise terminal, special barriers must be deployed for bunker barges to dock and small boats are needed. But these boats are currently unable to transit through the area due to this restriction.

The closure has led to significant delays for bunker suppliers in Houston, Texas City and Galveston, where barge fleets are concentrated. Scheduled deliveries and barge reloadings from oil terminals have been disrupted, with suppliers working to clear their backlogs.

Houston is particularly impacted as most barges either originate from or reload in Houston.

Several suppliers have already canceled their bunker bookings in the affected area. Delays are expected for deliveries over the next few days, a source says.

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Source: Engine