Performance Shipping Inc. Contracts New LR1 Tanker Vessel Construction


Performance Shipping Inc., a global shipping company specializing in the ownership of tanker vessels, today announced that, through a separate wholly-owned subsidiary, it has signed a shipbuilding contract with Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu Yangzi Xinfu Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., (collectively the “Seller”) for the construction of a scrubber fitted 75,000 DWT LR1 chemical/product oil tanker for a contract price of US$54.1 million excluding extras and net of commission to third parties, reports Global Newswire.

About the deal

15% of the purchase price is payable upon receipt of a refund guarantee, expected to occur within 30 days; 10% of the purchase price is payable at each of the milestones of steel cutting, keel laying, and launching of the vessel, and the remaining 55% of the purchase price is payable upon the vessel’s delivery. The Company expects to take delivery of the vessel by January 2027.

The vessel will be equipped with electronic main engines with high-pressure selective catalytic reactors (HPSCR) for Tier III (NOx Emissions) compliance, exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS – commonly referred to as scrubbers) for Tier II (NOx Emissions) compliance, and ballast water treatment systems (BWTS).

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Source: Global Newswire