Huge Oil Tanker Flotilla Sighted in UK’s Welsh Coast!



According to a Wales Online report, huge vessels moored off the Welsh coast have caught the eye in recent days.

Flotilla of Oil Tankers

  • A flotilla of ships has been spotted by many in the area around Anglesey, triggering curiosity over what they are doing there.
  • The four oil and chemical tankers include the 115,000 tonne Anavatos which left Birkenhead on Saturday night, and the 5,000 tonne chemical-carrying tanker Stella Virgo.
  • Both vessels, which left their moorings in the Mersey estuary on Saturday, are currently awaiting orders from their owners as to where to head for next, the Daily Post reports.
  • Another two tankers, the Ganges Star and Colorado Star, are awaiting their turn at the Stanlow facilities on the Manchester Ship Canal, it is understood.

Unusual Large Number of Moor Offs

One local said: “It’s not unknown for a large number to moor off the village but that’s normally in poor weather and that’s not the case this week. Indeed quite the opposite.”

Shipping anchored off Moelfre (Image: Hadyn Iball)

About the Tanker Moorings

  • There are ten ships in total, and the remaining ones are described as vessels used to carry general cargoes.
  • Three of them are also awaiting orders, it is reported, including bulk carrier Shanghai which had unloaded its last cargo at Liverpool last week.

Last week it was reported that tankers were housing a record amount of crude oil offshore – with traders trying to find somewhere to store their product.

It followed a huge decline in demand due to coronavirus.

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Source: Wales Online


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