[Watch] May Day Tribute for Seafaring Heroes As Ships Blow Horn!


Ships around the world were asked to sound their horns when in port at 1200 local time on Labor Day, May 1,reports The Maritime Executive.

To draw attention on Labor Day

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) with an intention to draw attention, asked ships around the world to sound their horns when in port at 1200 local time on Labor Day, May 1.

Around 150,000 seafarers are trapped at sea by the COVID-19 shutdown.

Caught public’s attention

Ships at anchorages and wharves from Singapore to Cuxhaven to New York answered the call, creating a symphony that caught the public’s attention. 

Stranded seafarers count to increase?

According to new data compiled by ICS and the International Maritime Employers’ Council (IMEC), 150,000 seafarers are in need of crew change by 15 May. 

This number is up by 50 percent since ICS first raised the issue, and the association expects that it will continue to climb. 

Thanking note on Workers’ day

Guy Platten, the secretary general of ICS said:

“Globally there are 1.2million seafarers onboard 65,000 ships at sea. For the past two months crew change has all but completely stopped. This means that crew have not been able to disembark or embark ships at port and terms have had to be extended, but this is not sustainable. International Workers’ Day is the ideal moment to recognise their contribution to fighting the coronavirus pandemic. We thank you.” 

Few videos posted in social media

Mariners, port officials and bystanders captured the moment on video in harbors around the world, uploading a record of mariners’ solidarity to social media. 

Northern Lighthouse Board

Joachim Wöhlkens

Puerto de Almería

Guy Platten Secretary General International Chamber of Shipping

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Source: The Maritime Executive


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