Hybrid Systems In Harbor Tugs Enhanced By Rolls-Royce’s MTU Gas Engines


Rolls-Royce Power Systems has introduced advanced MTU gas engines that significantly exceed current emission guidelines, providing exceptional performance and low emissions for marine applications. These engines are particularly effective for hybrid systems used in harbour tugs, demonstrating superior manoeuvrability and power efficiency.

Cutting-Edge Emission Performance

The MTU gas engines are designed to meet and exceed stringent emission standards such as IMO III without requiring exhaust gas after treatment. These engines produce particulate masses below detection limits and minimal nitrogen oxide emissions. This makes them an environmentally friendly option for marine vessels, reducing the ecological impact while maintaining high performance.

Hybrid System Capabilities

The hybrid system, incorporating mtu gas engines, is ideal for harbour tugs due to its precise manoeuvring and strong bollard pull capabilities. With a total power output of 4000 kilowatts, achieved through a combination of gas engine and electric motor power, the system supports peak load absorption and allows for pure electric manoeuvring in port. The 904-kilowatt-hour battery capacity enhances operational efficiency by managing peak loads and providing onboard electricity.

Global Adoption and Success Stories

Rolls-Royce’s Power Systems division has received orders for MTU gas engines for 11 ships worldwide, including ferries, tugs, and government vessels. Notable examples include the Doeksen shipping company’s catamarans operating in the Wadden Sea and the Richmond ferry on Lake Constance. These engines are praised for their quiet operation, lack of vibrations, and absence of unpleasant odours and smoke, making them a preferred choice for both operators and passengers.

About Rolls-Royce Holdings plc

Rolls-Royce Holdings plc specializes in developing complex power and propulsion solutions for critical applications across various domains. With a commitment to becoming a net zero company by 2050, Rolls-Royce supports customers worldwide in achieving sustainable operations. The company’s extensive product portfolio includes high-speed engines and propulsion systems, diesel and gas systems, and battery containers, all contributing to the energy transition and meeting the growing demand for reliable power solutions.

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Source: MTU