‘I am HIV Positive’ Admits Actor Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen

The wayward star of U.S. television comedy “Two and A Half Men”, actor Charlie Sheen, aged 50, confirmed in a US Television interview – “I am here to admit that I am HIV positive.”

He also admitted that he has paid millions to stop people from revealing the secret. He revealed that he was speaking out because he was blackmailed and proving public that he was not spreading Virus, as mentioned in tabloid reports.

Some extracts of Charlie Sheen’s interview:

  • Charlie Sheen revealed the diagnosis to his friends where the “truth became treason”, leading to “blackmail and extortion and a circle of deceit”.
  • He said – a prostitute took a picture of his medication and threatened to sell it to newspapers.
  • He acknowledged that he has paid in “upwards of $10 million” to maintain the secret.
  • He did not know how he contracted the virus.  But, it was impossible that he would have passed HIV on to anyone else.
  • He appeared on the screen with his doctor, Robert Huizenga, who revealed: “His daily medication has suppressed the virus and he is absolutely healthy.  Charlie has an undetectable level of the virus in his blood,”
  • When asked about the time prior to diagnosis he said, “It started with a series of cluster headaches and sweating – I was hospitalised.  I thought I had a brain tumour – after tests they said this was the situation. It’s a hard three letters to absorb.”
  • Sheen said his “personal disbelief and shame and anger” at the initial diagnosis “led to a descent into substance abuse and fathomless drinking”.
  • He said that soon after the diagnosis of HIV he informed his ex-wives, actresses Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards.
  • He said, “I think I release myself from this prison today.”

About Charlie Sheen:

  • He is the youngest son of  West Wing star Martin Sheen and brother of actor Emilio Estevez.
  • He became a top star in 80’s with hit films including Platoon and Wall Street.
  • In the year 2011, he was the highest paid actor on TV.
  • He played a hedonistic bachelor on the show ‘Two and a Half Men’.
  • He was fired from the show in the year 2011 after a downward spiral in his personal life.
  • His first marriage was with Donna Peele, which broke up in a year.
  • He was then married to former Bond girl Denise Richards, with whom he has two daughters. They divorced in 2006.
  • He then married Brooke Mueller, with whom he has twin sons.
  • His marriage with Scottine Ross was called off.

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