Terror Alert From Paris To Panama


Panama has launched its Terror alert in order to prevent an expected chaos to commercial shipping in Europe.


A document that was seized by a UK-based anti-terrorist think-tank warns about some terror plan to cause chaos to commercial shipping in Europe.  Hence, major trade lanes are alerted to remain extra vigilant as they remain key arteries in the facilitation of world trade.

Egypt’s Suez canal faced a threat as three terrorists were arrested on suspicion of a bomb plot to be carried out at the Egyptian trade lane.

The Panama Canal is the short route between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.  Therefore it is expected to be more prone to terror attacks so as to create a chaos to World trade.  There are 8 locks gates installed on both sides.  The Panama canal expansion is still in progress in the electro-mechanical installation phase and is expected to be completed by April, 2016.

Juan Carlos Varela, President of Panama, said: “Security has been increased at airports, the canal and some diplomatic legations.”

Source: Straits Times