Incat Tasmania’s Landmark Electric Ro-Pax Ferry Sets New Standards

Credit: incat

At the forefront of maritime innovation, Incat Tasmania is revolutionizing the industry with its monumental strides in battery-electric shipbuilding, exemplified by the creation of the world’s largest zero-emission Ro-Pax ferry. Highlights the Incat source.

  • Incat Tasmania takes the lead in constructing the world’s largest battery-electric Ro-Pax ferry, heralding zero-emission shipping innovation.
  • The vessel, backed by cutting-edge technology and exceeding previous energy storage benchmarks, symbolizes Tasmania’s potential as a net zero emissions shipbuilding hub.
  • Incat’s groundbreaking efforts not only redefine maritime sustainability but also fuel economic growth, job creation, and global interest in electric shipbuilding.

Zero-Emission Ferries

Incat Tasmania, an Australian shipbuilder, is making waves in maritime innovation with the construction of the world’s largest battery-electric Ro-Pax ferry, a landmark achievement in the pursuit of zero-emission shipping.

A Game-Changing Vessel

With a length of 130 meters, the groundbreaking vessel, commissioned by Buquebus in South America, will set sail as the largest lightweight battery electric ship to date. This 100% battery-electric Ro-Pax ferry will boast an ESS battery storage exceeding 40MWh, making it four times more substantial than any marine battery installation worldwide.

Pushing Technological Frontiers

Incorporating cutting-edge electric propulsion technology and energy storage solutions from Wartsila and Corvus Energy, this innovative project is garnering worldwide attention and sparking widespread interest in Incat’s capabilities to deliver electric ships.

Tasmania’s Rising Profile

Incat’s visionary efforts are resonating not only with environmental consciousness but also economic growth. The company’s expansion plans are poised to catalyze job creation, bolster workforce size, and fortify Tasmania’s position as an optimal hub for zero-emission ship construction, fueled by its unique standing as the sole net zero emissions location worldwide.

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