Titan’s Unprecedented Success with LNG Bunkering in Hamburg

Credit: Bunkermarket

Titan, a prominent supplier of LNG and BioLNG, has achieved a significant breakthrough with the completion of two revolutionary Ship-to-Ship LNG bunkering operations in Hamburg. These milestones underscore Titan’s dedication to advancing cleaner and more sustainable practices within the maritime industry.

  • Titan celebrates success of two pioneering Ship-to-Ship LNG bunkering operations in Hamburg, signaling progress in sustainable maritime practices.
  • Notable accomplishments include efficient bunkering for Vox Ariane vessel and industry-first LNG bunkering operation, showcasing Titan’s expertise.
  • Strong collaboration among stakeholders, including crews, port authorities, and Van Oord, contributes to Titan’s achievements in advancing clean fuel solutions for the maritime sector.

Setting a New Course

Titan, a leading supplier of LNG and BioLNG, proudly announces the successful completion of two groundbreaking Ship-to-Ship LNG bunkering operations in Hamburg. These milestones underscore Titan’s commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in the maritime sector.

Smooth Sailing

On August 14th, Titan achieved another significant feat by conducting the second LNG bunkering for the Vox Ariane, owned by Van Oord. Titan’s vessel, Optimus, efficiently delivered 808 cbm of LNG, showcasing Titan’s dedication to seamless operations and sustainable practices.

A Historic First

On July 31st, Titan made history by successfully completing the industry’s first Ship-to-Ship LNG bunkering operation in Hamburg for the Vox Ariane. These landmark achievements highlight Titan’s expertise and signify a major stride towards cleaner maritime fuel options.

Collaboration Fuels Progress

These remarkable achievements were made possible through the strong collaboration among various stakeholders. Titan extends its gratitude to the vessel crews, the port Cruise Gate Hamburg for their support, and Van Oord for entrusting Titan with these historic endeavors.

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