Increasing GHG could result in ocean acidification and pose a grave threat to fishing



The international research team of The Laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche, France is led by Dr Jean-Pierre Gattuso.  Their findings indicate that greenhouse gas emissions, if allowed to increase uncontrolled, will adversely affect marine life forms and the ecosystem.  The report predicts that by year 2050, there is bound to be a heavy loss of coral reefs, mangroves resulting in loss of livelihood for humans dependent on tropical fishing.

In a critical experiment, two scenarios  that effects on marine ecosystems were studied.  One where the GHG temperature was kept to a 2 degrees centigrade increase and maintained, as against one in which it was allowed to rise in temperature.  Even though the Arctic fisheries may benefit from warmer temperatures at first, ocean acidification would increase and destroy several sea species in the long run.