DMAIB releases its final report on the Drodgen channel collision



The Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Board ( DMAIB) is an independent investigating body.  It investigates maritime accidents with an aim of learning about accidents in order to prevent future accidents.  They primarily carry out accident investigations pertaining to Danish and Greenland merchant and fishing ships, as well as foreign ships in Danish and Greenland waters.

A collision that occurred on 1st November 2014, between Marshall Islands-registered tanker KRASLAVA and St. Kitts & Nevis-registered cargo ship ATLANTIC LADY in the Drogden Channel in the southern part of the Sound, Denmark.  This was investigated by DMAIB and their conclusive report in brief states the following.

The accident occurred due to coincidental and concurrent occurrence of several risk factors. (a) The channel is quite narrow, making it difficult for large sized ships to navigate sharp angular turns quickly in case of a danger situation. (b) Restricted visibility.  (c) The north-easterly current making it more difficult to manoeuvre.  (d) A pilot boat being alongside KRASLAVA.  (e) The ATLANTIC LADY was making a large course alteration. (f) Both ships misjudged their own and the other ship’s position.  (g) The close proximity to each other did not allow the ships the luxury of being dependant only on their instruments alone.

The KRASLAVA sustained some damages to its starboard.  The damage to the anchor and anchor hawse indicates that the anchor had been pulled when it made contact with ATLANTIC LADY.

The hull of ATLANTIC LADY on the starboard side sustained damages.  The accommodation suffered extensive damage from the upper deck up to the deck below the bridge.  No crew members suffered any injuries.


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