[Infographic] Shipping Industry is on the Right Track for Embracing ESG


SAFETY4SEA “Shipping ESG500 Survey” sets out an index illustrating the progress that ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) has made so far within the maritime industry, revealing that industry’s ESG performance stands at 49.1%. With slow but steady steps, the figure shows that the industry is on the right track for embracing ESG strategies.

Survey Key Findings

  • The five top rated sectors are: Oil Companies (82.4%), LNG Operators (66.2%), Yards (62.9%), Container Operators (58.7%) and Recognized Organizations (55%).
  • Companies illustrate their ESG performance mainly via: publishing ESG policies on their corporate websites (89.7%); conducting education training and awareness (85%); implementing a Code of Conduct (60.3%); engaging in Pro-Bono activities and Donations (58.1%); and implementing an Anti-corruption policy (53.5%).
  • The number of companies issued Annual ESG Reports shows a major increase the last five years: up to 32.7% of the companies, in comparison to 10.9% in 2017, are in favour of communicating their ESG strategies.
  • Significant increase it is also noticed in education and awareness in the last five years; up to 85% of the companies engage in their crew’s skills and training, in comparison to 57% in 2017.
  • The industry also seems more involved in the community; up to 58.1% of the companies choose to support communities, local or not, in comparison to 39% in 2017, in an effort to improve their social responsibility practices.
  • The underperforming sectors of the survey are: Bulk Operators (31.8%), Ports (32.2%), Associations (36%) and MoU PSC (37%).

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Source: Safety4sea


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