Innovative Ship-Mounted Kite System Demonstrated



Innovative  ‘kite technology’ system by Irish Defence Forces was demonstrated at SeaFest.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) claims that the new huge power generating  kites (20m2) with smart sensors save cost by enhancing ships propulsion, improvise navigation and security.

Highlights :

  • Sensors are hoisted on large kites 300 metres above naval vessels enhancing ship propulsion, generating energy
  • Improvises surveillance range by up to 15 times
  • Saves  fuel, manpower costs and emissions
  • Environmental monitoring, maritime forecasting and data transmission from ocean energy devices

SEAI’s Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Alex White said: ”..This kite technology brings efficiencies to shipping transport and enables us to develop better intelligence about our oceans and new ocean energy technologies being deployed at sea.”  

SEAI’s Prototype Development Fund, Chief Executive, Dr. Brian Motherway, added: “The next stage of the project will see a move towards commercialisation of the product.”