Introduction To Ammonia Fuel Safety E-Learning


As ammonia emerges as a promising clean fuel for the maritime industry, Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) has developed the world’s first e-learning title focused on ammonia fuel safety. With the imminent arrival of the first ammonia-powered vessels in 2025, there is a pressing need to familiarize seafarers with the unique handling, storage, and safety protocols associated with this alternative fuel.

Proactive Engagement and Development

OTG has taken proactive steps to engage with industry working groups, such as The Nautical Institute and the Just Transition Task Force, to contribute to the development of competencies for safely handling ammonia as a fuel. Anticipating the release of interim guidelines by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in September 2024, OTG is committed to ensuring that seafarers are well-prepared for the safe adoption of ammonia as a fuel.

Comprehensive E-Learning Module

OTG’s newly developed e-learning module covers various aspects of ammonia fuel safety, including onboard storage solutions, fire management protocols, and measures to address accidental chemical releases. This initiative underscores OTG’s commitment to providing cutting-edge training solutions that equip seafarers with the necessary knowledge to navigate the transition to alternative fuels safely and effectively.

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Source: OCEAN Technologies Group