Key Industry Partnerships Driving Decarbonization


StormGeo, a leader in weather intelligence technology, has partnered with the Japanese ship classification society ClassNK to enhance maritime decarbonization efforts. This collaboration facilitates the sharing and verification of emissions data to help shipping companies meet regulatory requirements and improve their decarbonization strategies.

Streamlined Data Sharing for Enhanced Accuracy

Shipping companies using StormGeo’s s-Insight platform can seamlessly share validated emissions data with ClassNK via API through this partnership. This integration ensures precise and efficient reporting, aiding companies in adhering to decarbonization regulations and enhancing operational excellence.

Support from Key Industry Partners

Wisdom Marine Group and the Turkish Shipowner Association have significantly supported the collaboration. Their contributions have been pivotal in achieving this milestone, highlighting the importance of industry partnerships in driving forward maritime decarbonization initiatives.

Comprehensive Environmental Performance Monitoring

StormGeo’s Environmental Performance module within the s-Insight platform offers a robust solution for monitoring emissions and improving environmental performance. This tool helps fleets remain compliant with decarbonization regulations through reliable data reporting and validation, forming part of the broader s-Suite to optimize vessel performance and compliance.

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Source: StormGeo