Iran Orders New 18,000 TEU Vessels Totaling 600,000 TEU



Iran’s Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL) modernizes its fleet by  ordering new 18,000 TEU (Triple-E type) container vessels from Chinese yards total to 600,000 TEU in all, plus new general cargo ships and bulkers.  At present, IRISL has a fleet of 160 vessels.

Chairman Mohammed Saeidi told media that there were lots of opportunities in the West, especially for IRISL for which Iran had to develop and increase the facilities and ships.

The recent compliance with negotiated nuclear accord is expected to lift the restrictions of Iranian vessels from American and EU ports.

U.S. authorities have previously connected IRISL to covert attempts to transport banned cargo for Iran’s military program and to reregister its vessels with front companies to avoid sanctions.

Source: Eship Trading