Launch of World’s First E-Methanol Fueled Service Vessel: NB1094


Historic Launch Event

On Saturday, June 1, 2024, a significant milestone was celebrated at Cemre Shipyard with the launching of the world’s first e-methanol-fueled service operation vessel, NB1094. A large crowd of families and friends gathered to witness this groundbreaking moment.

Esvagt’s Pioneering Project

Esvagt’s innovative project is set to transform the offshore wind service industry, supporting the market in achieving carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly solutions.

Advanced Fuel Technology

NB1094 is powered by a combination of batteries, dual fuel engines, and pure methanol engines. It is capable of sailing on renewable e-methanol produced from wind energy and biogenic carbon. This technology will lead to an annual reduction of approximately 4,500 tonnes of CO2, paving the way for a new trend in “green vessel” operations.

Vessel Specifications and Capabilities

The 93-meter-long vessel is built according to DNV classification rules and will sail under the Danish flag. It will accommodate 124 persons and serve the world’s largest offshore wind farm, Hornsea 2, located off the UK’s Yorkshire coast in the North Sea.

Crew Comfort and Safety

Esvagt has prioritized crew comfort and safety by providing high-standard accommodations and space for recreational activities. The vessel will offer a highly efficient workspace and ensure the safe transfer of technicians to the wind farm using a motion-compensated gangway, transfer boats, and a crane for lifting heavy spare parts.

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Source: Cemre Shipyard


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